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Getting Hurt

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Getting Hurt tells the story of Charlie, a successful lawyer and family man, who has his life thrown into turmoil when he agrees to take on the case of suspected murderer, Bosco. Bosco can be detained for only 72 hours and, with insubstantial evidence to back police suspicions, he is unperturbed by his situation. The only service he requires of Charlie is to find a girl called Viola.

Charlie finds Viola in Guido's late night bar. She is profoundly beautiful. The next day, incapable of thinking about anything else, Charlie returns to Viola's flat. He finds out that she is married to Bosco, a photographer, whose pictures of Viola adorn every wall in the building. Viola describes Bosco as a pitiably obsessed lover and asks Charlie to save her. The two of them fall in love. Charlie also rapidly becoming obsessed with the beautiful Viola.

Bosco is set free and wants Viola, but Charlie is not prepared to give her up. In the midst of her lovers' frustrations, Viola retains a certain impassive distance. The more obsessed they become with her, the less she wants to know. In their torment, the two men try to destroy each other. Bosco breaks into Charlie's family home and holds Charlie's daughter at knife point. But when Charlie comes in, Bosco turns the blade on himself committing suicide in Charlie's arms. Charlie's family life is shattered beyond repair. Charlie hunts for Viola but all he receives is a short call from her. She's leaving him, he's too obsessive. Charlie, the pitiable lover, is left alone, the inheritor of Bosco's ruin.


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
35mm Kodak
Ben Bolt
David M. Thompson, Robert Cooper
Director of Photography
Richard Greatrex BSC
Principal Cast
Ciaran Hinds, Amanda Ooms, David Hayman, Nicholas Hope and Ingrid Lacey
Executive Screen Writer
Andrew Davies


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