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Goodnight Until Tomorrow


Bradley McKee is a Straight ‘A’ Student and just a normal guy. He’s a student who doesn’t have the perfect Job or even a Perfect social life.
But he has met the perfect girl, of every mans dreams, Famous glamour model Elle Harvard. At first sight of her, he is astounded by her beauty and style.

The Pair have a whirl wind relationship and in just one day dream Bradley is about to take Elle’s life by storm much to the disgust of her over protective and very arrogant agent. Elle possesses the ability to make Bradley take risks and do the things that he never believed that he could allow himself to do.

Like most romantic comedies this relationship is about to take a turn for the worst when Bradley is set up by Elle’s agent and another model is photographed leaving his house. This is about to cause a major cat fights in the model world. When Top model Elle threatens to give up her whole career for this boy there has to be some serious pay off’s.Elle’s agent pays Bradley off to end his relationship with the beauty.
Bradley takes the money but automatically knows he has made the wrong decision but it is too late once he has broken things off? It’s not long before he wonders if he can handle his newfound fame when things start crashing around him.


Type of film
Running Time
180 mins
Sunny Ache 1st Feature
Stuart Antony
Stuart Antony
BBC Post Production
Stuart Antony
Director of Photography
Lewis Donaldson
Acheman Motion pictures
Principal Cast
Stuart Antony, Zowie Vince, Kayleigh-Marie Dugganm Brandy Brewer


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Last updated 2nd March 2009

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Nite Nite Productions
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