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Gordon Bennett

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Gordon is about to be 40. Perhaps it's time to grow up. A musical comedy from the streets of Hackney.
Gordon Bennett is a small time drug dealer who bypasses the normal responsibilities of a working man and father. He drifts through life like a puff of marijuana smoke on a summer breeze. His saving grace are a romantic imagination coupled with an optimistic belief that his life will get better.

Over the forty-eight hours that take him to the night of his fortieth birthday his optimism is mangled by a series of events instigated by friends, family and fate, coincidences that should make him change his life for good.
The film begins with a council tax dispute and ends with a stabbing on a council estate pavement, via a scheming father, a burglarising ex-wife, a custom dream car, two Danish junkies, half a kilo of coke in a goldfish bowl, three singing villains with varying degrees of psychosis, a very bad trip, a mysterious stripper, a disappearing boat on the River Thames and far too much marijuana.


Type of film
Running Time
80 mins
Timothy Brinkhurst, Matthew Zajac
Timothy Brinkhurst, Matthew Zajac
Timothy Brinkhurst, Mathew Zajac
Timothy Brinkhurst, Mathew Zajac
Director of Photography
Timothy Brinkhurst
Timothy Brinkhurst
Timothy Brinkhurst
Principal Cast
Mathew Zajac, Bernie Shanley, Kezia Hinchey, Clinton Blake, Virginia Radcliffe

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Production Company

BZ Productions
15/1 Bellevue Street
Edinburgh EH7 4BX, Scotland

T +44 (0)131 556 6637