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Crime was, initially, a family matter. Throughout Oliver's life, three generations have used assassination as a means to their ends. For them, it is something personal, intimate and private. From the unhurried lifestyle of the post-war years to the hustle and bustle of the present day, the irrepressible lust and greed of the Usher family has tainted the lives of all those who surround them. But above all, they have marked the life of one man, Oliver, who, in his latter years, will be laden with the burden of sin, which passes like a stigma from generation to generation. And he will discover that perhaps crime is not as normal as his life has led him to believe after all… Laura – beautiful, intelligent and thoroughly ruthless, is tragically widowed after the suicide of her first husband. But was it suicide? Oliver - Laura’s stepson, was witness to the death of his mother and hasn’t spoken since. But is he as innocent as he seems? Alexandra - a successful, fiercely independent young woman, who together with her brother Harry discovers a terrible secret about their father Oliver. But they too, share a secret - One family, three generations and a crime that links them all. A past they cannot escape from and a future that threatens to expose them.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Elena Lario
Alejandro Gutierrez
Alejandro Gutierrez
Lincoln Phillips
Elena Lario
Director of Photography
Janet Tovey
Edwards Stamos
Sergio Fernandez-Sastron
Principal Cast
Paul Coldrick, Mitzi Tonei

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Last updated 7th September 2006

Production Company

Groucho Films and BCN Films
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