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Gregory's 2 Girls

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Nick Wall


Gregory Underwood is still at school. Only now he's a teacher. With a unique teaching style, drawn from the columns of all those liberal magazines of world concern to which he religiously subscribes, Gregory sees himself as a citizen of the world. However, it turns out that Greg still does most of his living inside that head of his. Which leaves him blind to the obvious attractions of Belle, the voluptuous music teacher who is bravely trying to engage the terminally adolescent Greg in an adult relationship. Meanwhile Gregory is entertaining a futile infatuation for one of his brighter pupils, Frances. When Frances, inspired by his teaching, involves Gregory in her campaign against global injustice and, in particular, against suspected arms-dealer and local businessman, Fraser Rowan, Greg's moral smugness is put to the test.


Type of film
Bill Forsyth
Christopher Young
Director of Photography
John De Borman
Principal Cast
John Gordon Sinclair, Dougray Scott, Maria Doyle-Kennedy, Carly McKinnon
Screen Writer
Bill Forsyth


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