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From BAFTA winning director Ben Anthony and BAFTA winning Executive producer Morgan Matthews, this ambitious feature documentary brings together multiple stories from the Grenfell Tower fire – the most devastating tower block fire in European history.
On June 14th 2017, fire ripped through Grenfell Tower - one of the poorest tower blocks situated in London’s richest borough, Kensington and Chelsea, where the average price of a home is £1.4 million. The fire claimed the lives of 72 people - many of them social housing tenants. This tragedy left a community distraught, with many asking questions about how this could happen in contemporary British society.
Filmed over the course of the year following the fire, this meticulously crafted documentary draws from hundreds of hours of observational footage, archive and social media content and features the largest collection of interviews with those connected to the tragedy to be gathered together on film.
In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, the filmmakers were embedded with people who were displaced by the fire, as well as with those who had lost love ones. ‘Grenfell’ tells the story from within the community, including residents from the tower such as Edward Daffarn who predicted the fire in a blog two years earlier when he raised serious concerns about the safety of the building.
The film also shows how, during a recent refurbishment of the building in 2014, dangerously flammable cladding was applied to the exterior – one of the factors that is now understood to have exacerbated the fire, allowing it to spread so quickly.
Ultimately ‘Grenfell’ captures the incredible human spirit of a community who turned their grief into action and began an irrepressible fight for justice.


Type of film
Running Time
91 mins
Tapeless, HD
Ben Anthony
Gaby Aung
Executive Producer
Morgan Matthews
Ben Brown
Director of Photography
Brendan Easton
Andrew Phillips
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