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Guaruja, A Wonderful Film

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Gisela Domschke, Marcelo Krasilcic


Have you ever wanted to play a game but didn’t have who to play it with? Guaruja, a wonderful movie exposes the lives of two people, Paulo and Angela who found in each other their perfect playmates. The movie is structured in an episodic narrative and the setting is an idyllic apartment facing the beaches of Brazil. There they hide and seek, play music, dance and make love. They pretend to be away from each other, prepare fictional dinners and feast on political nonsense. The couple is interpreted by four actors and each scene brings a different pair of actors to the game. Sometimes a man and a woman and other times two men or two women play them. Thus creating the idea that this is a game common to many relationships. People of different genders, sexual roles and ages are all welcomed to play. Paulo and Angela always believe love is a playful game and life is the game to play.


Type of film
Running Time
61 mins
Mini DV
Gisela Domschke, Marcelo Krasilcic 1st Feature
Lola Brasil
Gisela Domschke, Marcelo Krasilcic
Marcelo Krasilcic
Director of Photography
Gisela Domschke, Marcelo Krasilcic
Principal Cast
Paulo Cesar Pereio, Luciana Domschke, Neca Zarvos, Milton Morales


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Last updated 10th March 2008

Production Company

Gisela Domschke

M +55 11 96 00 98 76
T +55 11 55 31 59 35

Rua Barao De Jaceguai 92
Sao Paulo SP 04606-000