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Gun of the Black Sun

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Chris Laurens

  • Gary Douglas

    Gary Douglas


In 1940 the Romanian Iron Guard places an ancient spell upon a golden Luger handgun - a gift to them from Himmler of the SS.

Year’s later in modern day Bucharest, Loredana Anescu finds the gun among her dying Grandfather’s possessions. Long awaiting its re-emergence is Damian Lupescu, owner of Archangel Electronics, who has dreamed of using the power bestowed on the gun to restore fascism in Europe through the medium of modern technology.

Knowing nothing of its dark and mystical past, Loredana unwittingly gives the Luger to Irishman Axel O'Rourke, a Nightclub owner who runs a cigarette smuggling operation from Bucharest to London. Lupescu learns that Loredana has found the Luger and goes after her to get it, she escapes with Axel into the country. Lupescu's henchmen catch up with them, taking Loredana and the Luger, leaving Axel for dead. On learning the legend of the Luger, Axel is urged to follow Lupescu to destroy it. Back in London Axel tracks down Lupescu to put and end to his fanatical plan.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Jeff Burr
Gary Douglas
Executive Producer
Andrew Stear
Bogdan Albu
Peter Lee, Gary douglas
Director of Photography
Viorel Sergovici
Production Designer
Radu Corciova
Ian Richardson
Marius Baras
Principal Cast
raGary Douglas, Ian Wright, Richard Lynch, Mihaela Sinca, Kristina Capga

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Last updated 28th July 2011

Production Company

Luger the Movie Ltd
49 Mablethorpe Rd
Fulham SW6 6AQ

T +44 (0)20 7386 5625
M +44 (0)7860 206451