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Hacked Off

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Fifteen years ago in the French rural village of Basquerville, Jacques Sykes executed all the adults in a brutal act of revenge. Now, after escaping from a mental asylum, he's on the hunt again in the guise of his first victim, a telephone repairman.
The following day, eight students arrive in the region to party at a remote cottage, ignorant to the massive manhunt ensuing. Amongst the dysfunctional group are couples Owen and Amy and Faye and Jenny, techno-geek Lewis and his prim sister Rachel, Winch the moron and Dutch hitchhiker, David.
As night falls, their frolics are rudely interrupted by a police officer. Warning them of the escaped assailant, he soon becomes the next victim.
As tensions fray and suspicions rise, the atmosphere quickly turns bleak as the group find themselves trapped, dispersed and, one by one, at the mercy of Sykes and the tools of his new trade.
During the bloody night, Sykes stockpiles his prey into a makeshift morgue until Rachel, the sole-survivor, exacts a fitting revenge upon Sykes and puts an end to his relentless killing spree.
Six months later, Rachel has struggled to rebuild her life in the city. Unbeknown, Sykes returns to finish his job enforcing the premise that no one escapes the 'Butcher of Basquerville' alive!
Hacked Off carefully blends humour with chilling horror to create a fulfilling homage to the traditional slasher movie.


Type of film
Running Time
82 mins
Andrew Weild
Fraser Barsby
Fraser Barsby, Andrew Weild
Fraser Barsby, Andrew Weild
Director of Photography
Andrew Weild
Fraser Barsby
Vanilla Pod
Principal Cast
Liam Browne, Ross Maxwell, Layla Sewart, Adam Stride, Tori Wheatman

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