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Hard Shoulder

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Carl Foster, a work obsessed man, reluctantly agrees to a weekend away with his disgruntled wife and disruptive children - it’s as much as he can do to muster any kind of enthusiasm for the few days he must endure in their company. Their constant bickering finally takes its toll on Carl when they are passed, on a deserted country road, by a convoy of ‘carnival types’, who, by mischief or accident, cause Carl to swerve off the road. With rage descending Carl gets into heated exchange with the travellers. Taking an enforced stop hours later, in a small layby, the family are again affronted as their stationary vehicle is rammed by an unseen assailant in a large truck. Dazed by the impact they wake, bound and gagged, within the dreary confines of an abandoned roadside diner, with, seemingly, the same carnival types now their abductors and antagonists. As the gang demeans, insults, and tortures each of their captives in turn, it falls to Carl to free his family from their predicament. But not everything is as it seems, their environment not as tortuous as they imagined, and Carl not all that he would have us believe.


Type of film
Running Time
85 mins
Nicholas David Lean 1st Feature
Nicholas David Lean, Gabrielle Whyte-Hart, Mark Booth
Executive Producer
Mark Booth, Alan Booth, Caroline Whyte- Buchler
Derek Burgess
Nicholas David Lean
Director of Photography
Steven Priovolos
Production Designer
Claudia Brewster
John Quinn
Patrick Savage, Holeg Spies
Principal Cast
Wil Johnson, Jamie Foreman, Jon Campling
Associate Producer
Steven Simmons
SFX & MU Supervisor
Mike Peel

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Last updated 2nd October 2012

Production Company

Oceanstorm Films

WhyteBooth Pictures