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Hemanos / Siblings

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The story, told in parallel of Mexican brothers that want to go back to the US illegally after being deported for life, and that of an American woman who lost her house due to the world economic crisis and today believes she can get it back through Trump’s promises.
Their journeys take them on road trips to meet with their past and with relatives who they believe can help them achieve their dreams.
Brothers Chuy and Chato preparing their last attempt to cross to the US meet their mother in Tijuana. The encounter provokes a shock that makes them question their life and what they are looking for.
American Vanessa on her way back to the farm in Montana where she grew up follows Trump’s campaign and rallies. The journey, and her return to her roots, opens wounds and raises questions that make her realise what she’s really looking for.
An unique encounter with families in Mexico and in the US who, regardless of their different backgrounds, experience similar situations due to not having a sense of belonging.


Type of film
Running Time
78 mins
Laura Plancarte
Mike Lerner
Laura Plancarte
Executive Producer
Mike Lerner
Vera Simmonds
Laura Plancarte
Director of Photography
Ernie Schaeffer
Aldonza Contreras; Sound Design: Adam Layland

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Last updated 5th April 2017

Production Company

Roast Beef Productions
c/o Laura Plancarte