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Here and Now

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Toby Merritt/Copyright Small But Tall Films, Ltd.


Grace is an East Ham girl with all the attitude. Her parents are slowly pulling their marriage apart and they’re making her go on holiday, for a week in the country. Say is a country boy. He doesn’t have any friends and lives inside his head; despite his name, he barely talks. After a chance encounter with their parents, Say is cajoled into showing Grace around. Grace is disdainful; Say is sullen.
Say avoids all the usual teenage haunts. Instead he shows her the important places of his isolated life. Say is both repelled and drawn to Grace’s fierce courage. Grace begins to respect Say. They set off on an unlikely rural odyssey.
With emotions running high, a clumsy come on from Grace is met with a startled rejection from Say. Their nascent friendship almost falls apart, but neither can resist the gravitational pull. Amidst the scenic grandeur of a dying summer, they fall in love. This takes them both to new emotional territory. For Say, it is the mountains, where he stopped talking and it is here that he finally opens up. When Grace hears his story, she can no longer hide from her own emotions. They kiss.


Type of film
Running Time
79 mins
Arri Alexa
Lisle Turner 1st Feature
Martina Klich
John A. Selzer
Executive Producer
Andrew Eaton, Wendy Bevan-Mogg
Paul Monaghan
Lisle Turner
Director of Photography
Will Humphris
Production Designer
Fiona McLean
Neil Hillman
Jonny Pilcher
Principal Cast
Lauren Johns, Andy Rush, Susan Lynch, William Nadylam, Claire Coache


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Last updated 5th March 2013

Production Company

Wrapt Films
Yew Tree Cottage
Herefordshire HR2 8JG

+44 (0)1981 540 516