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High Life (aka Untitled Claire Denis Sci-Fi Project)

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A group of convicts are duped into joining a difficult space mission in the belief they will be freed if they are successful. But, the authorities have no intention of ever letting them return to earth. They want the inmates to procreate and raise a child in space as part of a larger experiment.
The film follows the character of Monte a few years after the mission’s launch as he raises his daughter, Willow, in complete isolation on the empty spacecraft as it heads towards its final destination, a black hole. He fathered Willow against his will after his sperm was used to inseminate another convict in space as part of the experiment. In the process of raising her, however, he comes to experience real love for the first time in his life.
Claire Denis's first English language feature is "an adventure beyond the solar system set in a future that seems like the present".


Type of film
Claire Denis
Laurence Clerc, Oliver Dungey, Christoph Friedel, Claudia Steffen, Olivier Théry-Lapiney
Nelly Quettier
Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau, Geoff Cox
Director of Photography
Agnes Godard
Original Music and Sound Design: Stuart Staples, Tindersticks
Principal Cast
Robert Pattinson, Patricia Arquette, Mia Goth
With the collaboration of
Ólafur Eliasson (Artistic Director); Aurélien Barrau (Scientific Advisor); François-Renaud Labarthe (Set Design); Nick Laird, Zadie Smith (additional script material)

Production Company

UK, France, Germany coproduction

Alcatraz Films (FR), Pandora Filmproduktion (DE), The Apocalypse Films Company (UK)


Wild Bunch
65 rue de Dunkerque
75009 Paris
+33 1 43 13 21 34