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Holding On

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London in the 1990's. A small time criminal is hired to commit a contract killing. Michael Banbury, a senior barrister, is murdered while visiting a brothel in a London suburb. Initial suspicions fall on Banbury's ex-wife, Susan Flint. Phil Henderson, a retired Detective Superintendent and old friend of Banbury's, becomes involved in the investigation to help Flint establish her innocence.

It soon emerges that the intended victim was not Banbury but Graham Rigg, the owner of the brothel and the well known head of a South London gang. While both Rigg and the police attempt to find who put out the contract, Henderson conducts his own enquiries with support from former colleague Walker.

As Henderson's relationship with Flint develops and his relationship with the official investigation becomes increasingly strained, he finds himself involved in an intricate web of gang war and police corruption. Increasingly it seems that criminals and lawmen alike are mere pawns in a deadly game devised by whoever's behind the original contract killing. But who's set to benefit from the bloody outcome?


Type of film
Running Time
97 mins
Super 16mm Kodak
Afonso Reis e Sousa
Afonso Reis e Sousa
Executive Producer
Afonso Reis e Sousa
Director of Photography
Luke Cardiff
Richard Lannoy
Principal Cast
Kenneth Colley, Douglas Fielding, Jan Goodman
Screen Writers
Robert Hamilton, Rhodri Nicholl, Afonso Reis e Sousa, Jezz Startup


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Last updated 11th May 2009

Production Company

Altered Perceptions
19 Castellain Road
London W9 1EY
T/F: +44 (0)20 7286 7862