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Honour Me

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Abandoned by her parents, Sameem Ali spent six and a half years growing up in a childrens home. When she was told that her family wanted to take her back she couldnt wait to start her new life with them. Instead, she returned to a dirty house where she was subjected to endless chores. Her mother began to beat her and her unhappiness drove her to self-harm. So Sameem was excited when she boarded a plane with her mother to visit Pakistan for the first time. It was only after they arrived in her family's village that she realised she wasnt there on holiday. Aged just thirteen, Sameem was forced to marry a complete stranger.

When pregnant, two months later, she was made to return to the UK where she suffered further abuse from her family. After finding true love, Sameem fled the violence at home and escaped to Manchester with her young son. She believed she had put her horrific experiences behind her, but was unprepared for the consequences of violating her family's honour.

Honour Me is the shocking true story of Sameem's struggle to break free from her past and fight back against her upbringing.


Type of film
Running Time
15 mins
4K Red
Alex Tweddle
Sam Burton
Sam Burton
Nick McCahearty
Sameem Ali, Alex Tweddle
Director of Photography
James Buck
Andrew Quinney
Moritz Schmittat
Principal Cast
Sameem Ali


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Last updated 6th November 2009

Production Company

Angry Man Pictures Ltd.