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Liam Daniel


Linda is devastated. La Scala, her wonderful bingo hall, is caught in the pincers of development. The council has finally noticed the decay and deterioration and are threatening demolition. And worse: A mile up the valley, Mega Pleasure has been built. The UK's biggest bingo arena. A stream of villagers begin the pilgrimage: the chance to play in the new National Bonanza game and win a million quid. Gavin, the charismatic caller and Linda's lover-elect, soon follows, lured by untold riches and natural fibres. Mr Anzani, Linda's friend, mentor and boss, is distraught. His family of Welsh-Italians have held the hall, in many guises, for over three generations. Is his to be the last?

But Linda discovers she has a gift: she can guess the numbers before they're called. She can decide who wins the games. The pathway to salvation is clear - everyone comes to the lucky hall. But who should she gift the million to? In desperation she seeks her auntie Beth's advice. 'Leave it well alone' is Beth's advice, telling Linda that her (recently deceased) Mother had the same strange abilities. But Linda doesn't leave it and soon finds that some gifts are best left unwrapped.


Type of film
Running Time
93 mins
35mm Fuji
Julian Kemp
David Ball
Jonathan Rudd
Jason Sutton
Director of Photography
Kjell Vassdal
Alan Jones, Ian Trapp
Mark Thomas
Principal Cast
Kelly Macdonald, Miriam Margolyes, Freddie Jones


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Last updated 4th April 2008

Production Company

Wire Films Ltd
Contact: Michael Kelk


Victor Film Company
Contact: Vic Bateman
39/43 Brewer Street
London W1R 3FD
Tel: 020 7494 4477
Fax: 020 7494 4488