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How to Sell a War

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Peggy, a naïve but ambitious young woman with a marked physical disability, gets thrown into the deep end when she starts her new career in PR at a high-profile company, under the supervision of her aunt. Through an innocent misunderstanding on her first day in the office, Peggy ends up becoming indispensable in a highly sensitive case – the Governor of Svaneti, in Georgia, needs to fabricate a humanitarian crisis in order to get NATO backing in his fight to halt Russian annexation. He needs a moral imperative to start a real war, and swing Western public opinion in his favour in order to get British soldiers on the ground.


Type of film
Rudolph Herzog
Mike Downey, Sam Taylor
Rudolph Herzog, Tim Price


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Last updated 27th May 2015

Production Company

UK, Georgia coproduction

F&ME (UK), 20 Steps Productions (GE), The Caucasian Film Service (GE)

Film & Music Entertainment Ltd. (F&ME)
Unit 25
Archer Street Studios
10/11 Archer Street
London W1D 7AZ
+44 (0) 203 713 0028