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I Was Here

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On a journey throughout England locals from towns, villages and cities take part in a casting for a documentary character. As each individual pitches themselves recounting their story through interview and reenactments, the audience questions our perception of an interesting life, the role of the media and our basic, human instinct to leave a trace of ourselves for the sake of posterity.


Type of film
Running Time
70 mins
Nathalie Biancheri, Ola Jankowska 1st Feature
Colin Day, Coco Marie Schneider
Production Note
'I Was Here' was commissioned by CPH:LAB, an affiliate program of CPH:DOX, the third largest documentary film festival in the world. CPH:LAB is a prestigious invite only program which selects directors from different artistic and cultural backgrounds and gives them the means to embark on a creative collaboration and make a film together. Our concept was simple


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Last updated 19th September 2017

Production Company

Rickshaw Entertainment
Colin Day
+44 (0)7990 885978