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Ian (Ed Hogg), a charismatic new spatial orientation instructor, arrives at a topnotch school for the visually impaired. The head teacher hires Ian under condition that the children will not be exposed to any danger as they learn to move around by themselves.

Ian’s unconventional techniques intrigue the children and embolden them to explore their surroundings. But more than only teaching them how to move without a cane, Ian encourages his students to develop their vision of the world.

Among his students, a young woman called Eva (Alexandra Maria Lara), is withdrawn and secluded. Ian concentrates his efforts to make her overcome her shyness. He brings her outside the clinic without permission to help her rediscover the pleasures of life. Because of Ian’s insubordination, the Headmaster is forced to make him leave the clinic, to avoid putting the patients at any further risk.

The clinic administration tells the students that Ian ingeniously tricked them by using a sensor in his pocket. Eva and Serrano, one of Ian’s best students, have their doubts. Using Ian’s teachings, they decide one evening to leave the clinic to be confronted with the outside world and try to discover the truth about Ian.


Type of film
Running Time
105 mins
Andrzej Jakimowski
Mike Downey, Andrzej Jakimowski, Sam Taylor
Principal Cast
Ed Hogg, Alexandra Maria Lara


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