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In Circles

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The divisive and clandestine world of Crop Circles comes under threat when an ambitious TV Journalist investigating their creation plans to expose the truth. To call Honeystreet a village is generous but this tiny canal side hamlet not far from Stonehenge is Crop Circle Grand Central Station. Frustrated Brazilian TV Journalist Lara has been sent on a "nonsense mission" to the heart of the English countryside with Yossi, a war-torn Cameraman, to discover the truth about these mysterious formations. There they meet long-term investigator, the elusive and broken Hatter, desperate to reconnect with his son Dean. Only the local barmaid Aideen seems to know the truth about this clandestine world, but if she does she's in no hurry to tell. As they explore the various formations that appear overnight they are drawn deeper into the enigma of hovering lights, Celtic mythology, ancient monuments, irate landowners, UFO enthusiasts and researchers of these unexplained events to discover both the beauty and the danger in the truth they seek. 5 lost souls - each hoping to solve the unexplained phenomenon whilst resolving their own darker issues. The answers are written into the ground...


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Jonnie Hurn, Ian Manson 1st Feature
Ian Manson, Jonnie Hurn
Executive Producer
Paul Hills
Paul Hamer
Jonnie Hurn. Ian Manson
Director of Photography
Drew Cullingham
JD Evans
Nikolas Labrinakos
Principal Cast
James Fisher, Cassandra Thomas, Dan Burman, Chloe Farnworth

Production Company

Elephant Features Ltd
Jonnie Hurn