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In Love with Alma Cogan

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In Love with Alma Cogan is an independant British feature film with music, set on and around Cromer Pier in North Norfolk.

This gentle romantic comedy tells the story of Norman, the manager of the theatre on the pier at a once grand East Coast holiday resort. Norman has worked at the theatre all his life and despite the efforts of Sandra, his long-serving and suffering assistant, he will not accept that the local council, which owns the theatre, may be serious about putting it into the hands of commercial management.

The council bring in Eddie Richards to ‘help’ with the winter programming. Eddie and Norman were teenage friends, but Norman doesn’t trust him and Sandra, Norman’s loyal assistant becomes increasingly concerned about Norman’s state of mind.

As the plot unfolds, Norman realises that it may be time to move on and put behind him the ghost of the fifties and sixties singing star Alma Cogan, who he feels has overshadowed his life since he met her one night over forty years ago. He and Sandra leave the theatre, she to 'take flight' and fulfil her dream of being a professional singer and he to be with her.


Type of film
Running Time
94 mins
Super 16mm
Tony Britten 1st Feature
Anwen Rees-Myers, Katja Mordaunt
Executive Producer
Tony Britten
Jeremy Brettingham
Tony Britten
Director of Photography
Ole Birkeland
Production Designer
Spencer Chapman
Jonathan Blagrove
Tony Britten
Principal Cast
Roger Lloyd Pack, Niamh Cusack, Gwenyth Strong, Neil McCaul, Christian Brassington, Simon Green, Gary Martin, Ann Firbank, Terry Molloy, Catrine Kirkman, and Keith Barron
Hair and Make-up Designer
Joan Stribling

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Last updated 20th December 2011

Production Company

Pier Films
Capriol Films