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Zoe (Constanza Ruff)

  • James (Harry Macqueen)

    James (Harry Macqueen)


A twisted burglary, a failed revenge, and two mens search for the perfect women in each other.

James has gone bankrupt and in a bizarre mission to change himself for the better he tries cross dressing as a woman.

James "Im terrified of getting old and looking at some tight piece of heaven and feeling totally.... irrelevant."

School teacher, Gary, finds his parents murdered in their house after a bungled robbery.

Discovering a vital piece of evidence, Gary, finds the opportunity to avenge his parents murder, the unplanned attack results in him suffering life changing injuries of his own, forcing him to reevaluate his own life.

Just as James (now cross-dressing full time) and Gary's lives appear to be spiralling dangerously out of control, a chance meeting between the two men, brings them to discover a new perspective that is more liberating than either could have imagined.

But before James and Gary can move on from the painful decisions of their past, they need to make a few more about their future.

James "We are morally bound to teach this bitch (Zoe) a lesson, but first we have to get this garden done."

And these ones will kill.!feature-film


Type of film
Running Time
85 minutes
High end HD
James Walley, Isobel Ricketts 1st Feature
Isobel Ricketts
James Walley

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