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Robert Leslie


It's been 20 years since Krister set foot in Poland, and he's in for a number of big surprises. A modern Oedipal myth, a tale of voyeuristic obsession, Inheritance chronicles the transformation of a man in Warsaw as the city itself, emerging from its communist past, goes through its own changes.

Krister, a middle-aged Swede of Polish origin, has been retreating from the rigours of the modern world. His life, on a small island near Stockholm, has turned into an uneventful slow death. His memories of Poland, a country he visited during his teenage years, are just as sad. The only reason he goes back is because he inherits a cottage in the Polish countryside.

When he arrives in Warsaw, Krister is surprised by the city's modern infrastructure and by its outward signs of wealth. The butcher's shop he used to go to is now a sex shop, and his teenage friend Grzegorz is now a very respectable eye surgeon - and gay Krister is in for an even bigger shock as he meets 20-something Ewa. Krister thinks he is falling in love with her, which gives him a new zest for life. His discovery that she is a porn actress only adds to his obsession - until he learns that their meeting is no accident: she is his daughter.


Type of film
Running Time
86 min
Edward Porembny 1st Feature
Paul White, Steven C. Wilkinson, Jerzy Kapuscinski
Paul White, Steven C. Wilkinson, Jerzy Kapuscinski
Ewa Smal
Andy Hislop, Delphine Dewulf
Director of Photography
Kamil Krol
Bartosz Putkiewicz, Marek Bobowski
Stanislaw Syrewicz, Findlay Brown, Tomasz Lewandowski, Davito
Principal Cast
Tomas Norstrom, Krzysztof Kolberger, Anna Powierza


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