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Inside Out

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Mike Webster


English student falls in love with Eastern European girl who turns him inside out when she dates two older men for money.

Medical student James Silverdale, from Stafford is in London to study medicine. He is a loner but strikes up a relationship with a beautiful educated girl from the Czech Republic. He has been with her for some months, so he can’t quite believe his luck. She seems smitten with him until she meets a wealthy gambler and entrepreneur David, who invites her to go out with him to the casino. She accepts David’s invitation and happily wins £8,000 at the casino. David also showers her with gifts so that she gets used to a new exciting lifestyle based on money and status. She keeps this from James who discovers the expensive dresses and things David has brought her. Meanwhile she sleeps with David but at the same time tries to keep her relationship going with James, who she really loves.

James Becomes increasingly aware that he can’t provide for her. Kristabel soon gets bored with David and she moves on to a famous music producer, Micky who also frequents the casino. David gets jealous and immediately informs James, who is understandably angry.

During all this, James’ mother dies, so Kristabel puts off breaking up with him. She keeps going out with Micky who is determined to take her to the south of France on a business junket to the music festival in his private jet. But she conspires with James so that he can come to France at the same time - they hatch a plan in which James dresses up a woman to take the identity of their close friend Renatta.

James takes the train down to the south of France, Posing as a woman manages to stay along side Kristabel and Micky. It is not long before he is seized with jealousy and in a fit of rage murders Kristabel. Making his way back to England he discovers that he has committed the perfect crime because the police arrest Renatta instead of him.


Type of film
Running Time
Robbie Moffat
Sarah Hadaway, Sami Chidiac
Robbie Moffat, Henry Hadaway
Peter Davies
Robbie Moffat, Henry Hadaway
Director of Photography
Bob Ramsey
Production Designer
Natasha Block
Brian Howell
Principal Cast
Tony Streeter, Charlotte Radford
Original Story
Henry Hadaway

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Last updated 17th February 2009

Production Company

Palm Tree UK in association with Henry Hadaway Organisation (HHO)


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Theatrical: Palm Tree UK/HHO