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It Ain't Disneyland

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As seen through the eyes of a local youth from an East London Estate, this challenging documentary-animation uniquely deals with the problem of anti-social behaviour in Britain’s inner cities to successfully tackle social misrepresentation of the community, young and old. Commissioned by Tower Hamlets Crime Reduction Services and The Local Police Team this film used a unique process of workshops and interaction with the local community to resolve long standing issues of misrepresentation and disengagement of young people on the estate. The animation was written by two emerging youth leaders on the estate who realised that the ongoing problems needed to be resolved if they where ever going to stand a chance of living in peacefully alongside the police and older residents.


Type of film
Running Time
3 mins 25 secs
Martin Orton, Greg Villalobos
Bold Creative
Greg Villalobos
Mukith Khaliasadar, Grant Hughes
Production Designer
Aaron Lampert

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Last updated 5th November 2007

Production Company

Bold Creative
13A Boundary St
London E2 7JE

T +44 (0)20 77392738