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Jelly Dolly

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Audrey is troubled. Everything should be great - she and Henry love each other, they live in a nice flat, they're a happy young couple - except now she can hardly stand the sight of him let alone allow him to touch her. What went wrong? It wasn't meant to be like this.
Audrey knows she's changed. Deep inside she knows she should make a clean break but that would mean turning her life upside down - being alone. So she carries on as ever hoping her feelings will change. Her mind is plagued by dark dreams - weird sex with her best friend's new boyfriend, taunted by a lunatic farmhand called Crevice. As Audrey struggles to keep her nighttime horrors at bay they start to creep into her reality and invade her waking hours. A small, orange, plastic ring grows at her navel, attached to a piece of string which disappears into her stomach.  What involuntary words will she utter when the cord is pulled? Will her own body betray her?  Audrey must take control of her life before she is consumed by the nightmarish world that runs parallel to her reality and she is forced to do something unspeakable.
Or maybe she's just having a breakdown.
It's a story for anyone who has ever ended a relationship or gone a little crazy.


Type of film
Running Time
93 mins
Susannah Gent 1st Feature
Barry Ryan, Susannah Gent
Christopher Hall
Susannah Gent
Director of Photography
Rob Hardy
Principal Cast
Rachael Walton, Ashley Barnes, Stuart Laing, Litza Bixler, Leslie Briddon

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Last updated 25th August 2006

Production Company

Cargo Film Ltd