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Knight Knight

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Hermit Film Productions; Photographer: Thomas Strand

  • Hermit Film Productions; Photographer: Thomas Strand

    Hermit Film Productions; Photographer: Thomas Strand


Camelot is closed, King Arthur is dead and the Round Table is no more. Trainee knights GILBERT (a highly-strung hypochondriac) and EDGAR (an up-beat Christian) find themselves wandering the land in the company of a MYSTERIOUS KNIGHT in search of money, adventure and comfortable underwear.

When the mysterious knight dies (mysteriously) Gilbert and Edgar find themselves in possession of a letter addressed to him from a certain KING KENDRICK, entreating him to help rescue his recently kidnapped daughter KATRINA. The letter comes with a bag of gold. Gilbert and Edgar act at once... they spend the gold.

One pair of pants and a saint’s kneecap later, the two knights are
once again on their uppers. Whilst drowning their sorrows in a
village grog shack, however, the two men get wind of an
employment opportunity in the local castle of KING VINCENT of
Essex. They make their way to the castle and are immediately hired
as security guards.

Their jobs, however, are a little less than chivalrous, as it transpires
that their main duty is to guard the recently abducted Princess
Katrina, King Vincent’s bride-to-be. Far from being the damsel in
distress of legend Princess Katrina is in fact a violent, foul-mouthed
bully who harangues Gilbert into agreeing to help rescue her. Edgar,
meanwhile, is approached by Katrina’s altogether more pleasant
(and comely) sister RACHAEL who appeals to Edgar’s sense of
decency and he too agrees to help.

Sworn to secrecy, the two hapless knights begin separate (and
misguided) plans to rescue Princess Katrina whilst trying to avoid
the various unpleasant inhabitants of the castle.
Can the two knights escape this casserole of intrigue? Can they
rescue the Princess and put pay to the wicked king?
KNIGHT KNIGHT is a tale of saddle-sore knights, castle politics and
black pudding. A tale of love, friendship and adventure that didn’t
quite make it into the history books.


Type of film
Running Time
85 minutes
Christina Bucher 1st Feature
Christina Bucher
Bastiaan Los, Nick Horwood
Executive Producer
Christina Bucher
Bastiaan Los
Nick Horwood
Director of Photography
Bastiaan Los
Production Designer
Christina Bucher
Bastiaan Los
Stuart Wood
Principal Cast
Tom Eykelhof, David Wayman, Jonathan Hansler, Nick von Schlippe, Claira Watson Parr, Mingus Johnston, Christina Bucher, Mark Joseph, Henry Jameson, James Harrison, Alex Nowak, Isadora Bucher, Thiago Los, Klisman Murati etc


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Last updated 27th February 2012

Production Company

Hermit Film Productions