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La Bella Figura

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Cristina Pittelli


Clara, a beautiful American opera singer seeks a fresh start in Rome. She meets Oliver, a disillusioned young English tour-guide, whose frivolous advances are an enticing but ominous breath of fresh air. With a sense of excitement back in her life, the two flirt with irresponsibility until the consequences can no longer be ignored: Clara becomes pregnant. Oliver lacks both strength and desire to face up to with their predicament. Alone and flustered Clara rapidly finds her world spiralling out of control, as the reality of her carefree existence comes tragically crashing home.

The foreseeable cycle of events are overseen by the understanding Giuseppe, who runs a bar near the Vatican City. His brother, Luca, is an angry and frustrated tour-guide, who ironically feels threatened by foreigners. Both brothers sense the inevitable catastrophe approaching: both are powerless to prevent it. The ephemeral wave of expatriate romances rolls on. As Oliver leaves, another young idealist arrives. Clara is left to struggle with the sweeping delights and ensuing drama that the lifestyle inherently dictates.

With Rome as their playground, the characters and events expose the deep composition of the Italian mantra.

La Bella Figura is Italy's soul; the essence of appearance over substance.


Type of film
Running Time
82 mins
Harry Otto Brünjes 1st Feature
Emma Brunjes
Emma Brunjes
Harry Otto Brünjes
Harry Otto Brünjes
Director of Photography
James Edenborough
Joe Bell
Eric Brunjes
Principal Cast
Kathy Hollingsworth, Tim Marquette, Francesco Calabrese, Yor Bonci, James Edenborough, Harry Otto Brünjes, Emidio La Vella, Linda Condorelli, Rossella Salerno, Nicola Ferlei-Brown, Ashlee Acosta, Steve Del Tredici, Paolo Arcangeletti, Tiffany Parks, Jason Pittelli


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Last updated 22nd November 2007

Production Company

Deckchair Productions Ltd
16 Futura House
Grange Road
London SE1 3AD