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Land Girls

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England 1941, the glorious Dorset countryside. Three beautiful young women arrive on a remote farm. They are the Land Girls, city girls who have volunteered to take the place of young men who have gone to war.

Stella, Ag and Prue are to work for Mr and Mrs Lawrence and their rugged, good-looking son, Joe. They are an unlikely trio; Prue is vivacious and sexy, Ag is quiet and more reserved, while the dreamy, beautiful Stella is in love with Philip, a dashing naval officer.

Joe is engaged to Janet, his childhood sweetheart. This doesn't stop the spirited Prue wanting to seduce him, nor Joe's inability to deny her amorous approaches. But Prue tires of this illicit romance, preferring the glamour of the local airbase and its daring, heroic pilots. The other girls are at first shocked by Prue's candid flirtations but soon warm to her lively sense of fun, and the three become close friends.

At a local dance Ag falls in love, at first sight and for ever, with a Canadian airman who is about to leave for North Africa. Worried about her inexperience, Ag shyly approaches Joe and asks him, as a friend, to take her virginity so she will be better prepared to please her Canadian when he returns. Joe, with tenderness and touching humour, obliges.

Prue, meanwhile, has fallen utterly in love with Barry, a very handsome pilot from the airbase and she soon shocks her friends by quickly marrying him. Her happiness is shortlived when news comes that Barry has been shot down. The romantic Stella spends a decidedly unromantic weekend's leave with Philip. Although she agrees to marry him, she finds that their relationship isn't all that she dreamed it would be.....


Type of film
Running Time
110 mins
35mm Kodak
David Leland
Ruth Jackson
Executive Producer
Ruth Jackson
Director of Photography
Henry Braham
Principal Cast
Catherine McCormack, Rachel Weisz, Anna Friel and Steven Mackintosh
Screen Writers
Keith Dewhurst, David Leland


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