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Last is First

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Indie kid Rich lives in a remote cottage in Wales with his mum, Nesta, who is a novelist. He plays a guitar, but mostly to the sheep outside the house and the majestic, barren hills opposite.
Nesta is a heavy smoker and has just been brought back from the hospital, suffering, probably, from a lung cancer. Rich is looking after her and helping out with the shopping and house work, but wants her to make a change. They have a heated argument, but she refuses to accept the fact that cigarettes could be the cause for her decease, even though she gets slimmer and noticeably weaker.
She spends her days in bed, having lost her writing inspiration. She is visited by the local mobile GP, fitness maniac Dr Mickiewicz, who runs through forests and fields to reach his patients. He prescribes her movement and to Nesta's astonishment, even a fitness program which she has to follow. Nesta finds the very idea of her getting fit and taking up running ridiculous...


Type of film
Running Time
14 mins
Michael Tchoubouroff
Michael Tchoubouroff
Executive Producer
Radka Chuburova
Rumen Vasilev, Ondrej Rybar, Fran Vergara
Michael Tchoubouroff
Director of Photography
Ondrej Rybar
Matthew Jones
Principal Cast
Melody Reynolds, Ben Colbourne, Sarah Madden, Michael Tchoubouroff

Production status


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Last updated 5th July 2018

Production Company

Weeble Films 16, London
Michael Tchoubouroff