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Last Summer

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Four boys roam free through a neglected rural paradise in rural Wales during a long hot summer in the 1970s, untroubled by the adult world until tragedy strikes. Two of the boys are orphaned as their father murders their mother and, in turn, kills himself. The boys’ lives are shattered. Their older teenage brother is incapable of caring for them, and he becomes intent on revenge when he finds out that their mother was having an affair with a local farmer.
The story unfolds through the eyes of the brothers’ best friend, Davy, who persuades the orphans to run away with him rather than be taken into care. But as the adult world closes in on them, Davy takes it upon himself to fix the situation and armed with his wits and a loaded shotgun, goes out to tackle the problem head on.
A film about friendships, loyalty and love pushed to the very limit. An ultimately uplifting story of recovery with the bitter sweet sense that although something is lost, it can still be treasured.


Type of film
Running Time
99 mins
Digital Pro Res 4444 2K 2:39:1
Jon Jones 1st Feature
Katherine Lannon, Cerise Hallam Larkin, Jon Jones
Executive Producer
Jim Reeve, Robert Halmi, Paul Higgins, Adam Partridge, Richard Jones
John Richards
Jon Jones
Director of Photography
Mark Wolf
Production Designer
Phil Rawsthorne
Deian Humphreys, Paul McFadden, Douglas Sinclair
Mark Thomas
Principal Cast
Noa Thomas, Gruffydd Weston, Rowan Jones, Christopher Benning, Richard Harrington, Steffan Rhodri, Steffan Cennydd, Ruth Olman, Robert Wilfort, Nia Roberts


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Last updated 27th February 2018

Production Company

Flickerbook Features Ltd and Last Summer Ltd
Hill House
Frith Hill
Great Missenden
HP16 9QE
+44 (0)7974 950024