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LD 50 Lethal Dose


A free-spirited group of young animal rights activists break into an animal research facility in order to get video footage of grisly experiments for their 'LD-50' website. When cocky group leader, Gary, wanders into a booby-trapped office, his leg gets caught in a hidden steel trap. Unable to free himself, the group panic as they hear the sound of approaching police sirens. Believing that the survival of the group is the most important thing, they flee the building, leaving Gary behind. Gary is taken away in handcuffs as the group's van drives away under the cover of darkness.

Troubled by an unspoken, collective guilt, the group disbands.

One year later, Gary sends a mysterious, encoded message to his brother, Danny, the group's videographer and all round 'tech-head'. Danny is sure that Gary is in trouble, and appeals to the group to reconvene. Reluctantly, they agree to go on one more mission to find out what happened to Gary and to investigate the mysterious MultiTech lab that Gary mentions in his e-mail. But, it is only a fact-finding mission - they will sneak in, find Gary, and get out quickly.


Type of film
Running Time
35mm, Kodak
Simon De Selva 1st Feature
Alistair MacLean Clark, Basil Stephens
Matthew McGuchan
Director of Photography
Robin Vidgeon
Principal Cast
Katharine Towne, Melanie Brown, Tom Hardy


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Random Harvest/Four Horsemen
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Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath
Bucks SL0 0NH

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