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Live Soldiers Dead Heroes

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Dean was a shy little boy who grew up in Wales, his mum was married to another man after divorcing his violent father. His new step dad was an ex-hard police officer, a drunk, he did a few nasty and rude things to Dean that Dean didn’t tell. Deans mum and step dad took over a pub in Bridgend town centre, his mum tried hard to make it work but his step dad was slowly running it into the ground. Dean’s new step father was violent to his mum when he was drunk, he would ban anyone coming into the pub if they were not wearing a tie, he once brought a big horse into the main bar and kicked everyone out whilst he fed it. Dean’s Nan and granddad ran the gentleman’s club at the top of the street, they had been for a long time, Dean would run to his Nan and granddad's place after his mum and step dad had had a big argument. They had really brought him up over the years, Dean’s mum had been very busy with her career etc, Dean considered his granddad as his dad. Time went on and Dean mixed with a few bad friends that would entice him to miss school and pinch money from the pubs takings, he would buy to soldiers and Lego.
Dean had a hard upbringing; his step dad sometimes beat him and made him work hard in the pub. Time went on and Dean’s mum decided to leave his step dad and go to London and start fresh, Dean would have to stay with his Nan and granddad till his mum was settled in London. Dean was more than happy with this as he loved his Nan and granddad; they always spoilt him but taught him the rights from the wrongs as they had been brought up.
Dean’s mum had been in London for a good year and got herself settled with a good job and rented a small studio flat, she wanted Dean to be with her now, his grandparents were not too happy about this but it happened, Dean had visited his mum from time to time and he didn’t much like London, he went to London.

Dean started a school and ended up in the low classes as he wasn’t used to the teaching in London, he mixed with the rif raff and made some bad so called friends, he missed school and joined a punk gang, he shaved his head and wore union jack motif tea shirts and had big boots on his feet with red laces, he got into a lot of trouble, his mum was so upset with him, she could not control him and he was only fifteen. Dean was in and out of juvenile court time and time again for smashing up Indian and Pakistani corner shops, stealing money, sniffing glue, beating up other coloured teenagers. The last time Dean was in front of the Judge, the Judge told him: “now listen to me young man, you are a menace to society, I have given you ample chances to change your ways, you are going from bad to worse, I have no option but to send you too a young offender institute for six months, keep you off the streets” the Judge growled! At that point someone came over to the Judge and had a quiet word with him, The Judge looked at dean, “there is another way we can play this young man, how about joining the British army” “ye why not, better than going to that other shit hole” Dean replied.

It was all organised, Dean would have to go through some interviews and entrance tests to see if he made the mark in which he did, he flew through everything, he had his final fitness test and interview and was down to join in the June intake for the British junior soldiers course for six weeks basic training, if he did well there he would go on for another years training and then if offered would join his regiment.

The training was tough but Dean enjoyed it and shone above the other fifteen year old, some of them would cry at night for their mums etc, Dean helped a lot of lads through the tough bits and this was noticed by his instructors.
Dean got promoted to junior corporal and now was in charge of a section of eight lads under the supervision of his instructor. Dean got to the end of his training and was posted to his regiment, 1st Battalion the Duke of Edinburgh’s royal regiment infantry battalion. He went through some tough times with the senior guys in his platoon, got bullied a bit till he had enough of it and one evening when the senior soldiers came into his room to mess him and his mate around Dean stood up to one of them and punched the bully in the nose, “this stops right now, were meant to be professional soldiers and work and look after each other, not do all this shit” Dean shouted, the senior soldier got up off the floor, he looked at his drunk mates then looked back at Dean, “your all right lad, it was a test, we have to mould you young guys into the way we want you, then we can rely upon you when the shit hits the fan” he said, after that night Dean was noticed to fit in well, got into loads of messes and scrapes with his army friends, he shone above most other private soldiers, he got promoted to lance corporal, then full corporal in a short length of time, he decided to join one of the best platoons in the regiment, the Reconnaissance platoon, he made it in and was given his own section of eight men who respected him after a while!

The regiment was posted to Bosnia for active duties; the recce platoon was given orders to protect the engineers who were reinforcing check points. This particular night Dean’s section and another one had orders to put out a night ambush patrol as there
Was suspected Serbian troops that were going to try and ambush the engineers that night. So the mission was to ambush an ambush.
Dean’s section was ready with the platoon commanders section as back up, all the briefing was done, everyone knew their jobs, they were all waiting in the armoured jeeps for the go ahead, when the platoon sergeant came over, “right lads, I’m taking you lot out tonight, lets have no tippy toeing around, go in hard, we know the bastards are out there and there out there to get us too, if I find any of you nose dicks catching any z’s on me I’ll take a personal interest in re-educating him, do you understand” he slurred, “yes sarge” came the answer, the platoon sergeant was a known drunk but still a damn good soldier, for some reason the platoon commander was not coming with us this night so the sarge was in charge. Everyone knew he been on the booze but they were used to it by now.
We moved out, there was three armoured jeeps, the sarge took the lead one, we came to a stop, we had gone into a thick mist, there was a mosque that shouldn’t have been in this area, the sarge investigated and quietly killed a few Serb soldiers who were for some reason in there, the sarge came out with his team with bags of silver bars, a damn lot of them, he briefed the rest of us up on what happened in the mosque and told everyone what we were to say on return for the report.
Things went from bad to worse, more Serb soldiers appeared from within the Mosque, we finished them quickly and made off, there was a lot of bags of silver bars that had to be explained, the sarge had a plan, to hide the silver bars in the jeeps and sneak them back to the UK where they would fetch a pretty penny, he convinced us this would work, we were all syked up and took it in, we got to our ambush position and suddenly we got ambushed ourselves, it was ugly, a lot of good friend died in the crossfire, we eventually took out the Serbs and sorted things out. We got back to camp after a bit of help from reinforcements, the silver bars were hidden and they did get sneaked back to the UK with the help of a dodgy RAF sergeant.
The UN went mad and demanded an investigation why off duty Serbian troops had been murdered in a holy mosque, the Croatian army screaming about missing government silver bars that were to be given to the Serbs for a peace treaty, it was a big mess.
Dean’s section, what was left of them: Deano, Dunc, Moose, Blood and the sarge were to be court marshalled over this and sent back to the UK, their stories didn’t match, and no one said anything about the silver bars, they stuck together!
The silver bars went missing in the UK thanks to the Dodgy RAF sergeant who arranged the smuggling of them, the recce guys went through interrogations and were put into detention in Army prison awaiting further investigations.
The recce team, five of them now managed to escape the military prison with the help from a mate of Dean’s who he owed a favour to, went on the run AWOL absent without leave, they held up in a pub, the sarge was very pally with the landlord.
The landlord had information well rumours of what had happened over in Bosnia and the whole mess that they were in, he knew the RAF sergeant from the past, the landlord had been in the forces for twenty two years plus, there was very little he didn’t know about.
The landlord got information on the ware bouts of the double crossing RAF sergeant, the recce team made a plan with the drunken sarge. The landlord gave them his jeep and wished them good luck.
The team found the RAF sergeant in a secluded lockup dealing with the IRA, the recce team stormed the lockup from all directions and surprised the RAF sergeant and the IRA terrorists, gun fire was exchanged along with knives and a grenade, the lockup went up in flames along with the RAF sergeant and the recce teams sarge after a big fight, the IRA got out but were put down by two of the recce team members, the silver bars were rescued and thrown onto the jeep, the recce team got well clear of the area before MI5 agents were all over the place.
The recce team made it to one of the teams uncles farm, Dunc’s uncle, a speed boat was hired, and the silver bars were priced up and sold to a black market dealer, there was a hell of a lot of money to be shared, the farm was ambushed by MI5 agents, MI5 agents come off badly, the team is too good for them. the team make it to the boat just in time, the captain of the boat was a bit of an old sea dog, been there and done it, ex-military and navy, in and out of prison, his boat was heavily modified too, could out run the fastest speed boats, there is a chase across international waters, MI5 are hot on their tail,
The team make it to Brazilian waters were the hide the boat and make friends with a small village, the captain has a Scottish old pal hiding in the village, been there for years running from the British law, the team make girl friends with some of the local women, the local lads get jealous, a few fights break out, all is settled with a bribe of cash, Mi5 are scouting around, the team has to make a break for it, gun fights evolve, one of the team is lost with his new girlfriend, the team, three of them now and the captain and three girls are chased round the coasts of Brazil, the boat crashes and the captain is lost, the three of the recce team with their girlfriends make it to the Brazilian Amazon jungle, they are still perused by MI5 agents, the agents Secom to violent deaths from the Amazon and its inhabitants, the recce team disappear with half a million in cash.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Rhys Ryan Evans 1st Feature

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