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Loop (aka You Can Keep The Animals)

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Rachel is pregnant. Before she has the chance to break the news to her boyfriend Bill, he dumps her. Hurt and confused, Rachel clears out their joint bank account and convinces Bill's best friend Jason, to drive them to her family in Bill's much loved sports car. A furious Bill discovers his car missing and the bank account empty. He sets off in hot pursuit, believing Rachel and Jason have become lovers. Rachel's childhood friend Jack pulls himself up from his alcoholic state, and follows close behind.

That evening Rachel and Jason arrive at the family farmhouse. Her family is in a mess. The apparently crippled mother Olivia, lives apart from her husband Tom. Upon her arrival Rachel makes a naive attempt to reunite her mother and father which ends in chaos and confusion. By bringing her family together she aims to sort out her own life, and untangle the romantic mess developing around her. But Bill is on the warpath. And looking for revenge.


Type of film
Running Time
89 mins
35mm Fuji
Allan Niblo
Gary Smith, Chris Craib
Director of Photography
Nigel C. Goudge
Principal Cast
Emer McCourt and Andy Serkis
Executive Screen Writer
Tim Pears


Production status


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Sterling Pictures
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