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Rob is a dock-worker in the port at Tilbury. He and his friends like to smoke weed and drift in floatation suits by day, moonlighting as semi-professional burglars by night. Life is for laughs - for everyone except Rob, whose father is dying. When a burglary goes fatally wrong, they flee the scene. As the police begin to close the net, Leo the ringleader, Rob's best friend, warns them to keep shtum. But someone talks and Leo gets sent to prison. Rob gets off with little more than a caution and everyone assumes he ratted on Leo. He's ostracized by the gang, then violently attacked. Rob has kept a memento from the burglary - a photo of a girl. Thrown out of the gang and on his own, he bumps into her. Starts a relationship. She knows nothing of his past. Their relationship looks unbreakable, until Leo gets out early...


Type of film
Rene Pannevis
Jennifer Eriksson, Jessie Mangum
Rene Pannevis


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Last updated 16th March 2018

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Commissioned by Microwave, a Film London initiative. Supported by BBC Films and BFI Film Fund