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Lost In The Landscape

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Scotland, present day. In love with two women, drug dependent Jonnie Condor escapes the city life with voluptuous Jackie Fox. They drive into the wilds of snowy Scotland and search for happiness in time-warped Happy Valley. Jonnie tries to convince Jackie to love him, but she is not interested in his changing moods and silent pauses, and deserts him for someone her own age.

Jonnie's search for an inner paradise is put on hold as he struggles to find new direction in the wild landscape. Frustrated and defeated, he meets refined Katrina Quiver who immediately leads him on a new journey of self-understanding. Camped in the high mountains she eases his over-burdened mind and begins to make him understand that his delusions are destroying him. She begins to teach him that he must live for the moment, but he pines to return to Happy Valley and his lost past.

They return to Happy Valley, but it is a mistake, and they drift back to the fringes of civilisation where they fall out. In a moment of clarity, Jonnie gives up his drug addiction and vows to accept Katrina's leadership.


Type of film
Running Time
93 mins
Digi Beta
Robbie Moffat
Mairi Sutherland
Robbie Moffat
Robbie Moffat
Director of Photography
Robbie Moffat
Mairi Sutherland, Robin Rankin
Principal Cast
Hazel Ann Crawford, Steven Duffy, Tomas Skene, Barry Campbell


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