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Love The One You're With

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Glasgow, Scotland, May bank holiday Friday. After closing a big deal, young London businessman Charlie Grant puts his credit cards, and his briefcase in the trunk of his car. In celebration he gets wildly drunk. In the morning, he wakes up on a girl's sofa, then discovers that his car has been towed away to the city pound.

At the pound, now cashless, Charlie pleads to get his credit cards from the car. He is refused and the shutter comes down until the bank holiday is over. Angry, he calls Caroline, his wealthy fiancee in London. As she answers, he is mugged in the street by two addicts who steal his cellphone. Charlie tries to panhandle fifty pence to call Caroline again, but a street girl, Gina accuses him of stealing her pitch. They argue. Gina, seeing he is hurt, finally takes pity on him and lets him use her phone card. He reaches Caroline's answer phone. Gina seeing that Charlie is hungry takes him to the soup kitchen. She gets him a coat and a sleeping bag to get through the weekend. Charlie is ungrateful. Gina departs to rescue her street friend Lucy from corrupt cop Paterson who later singles Charlie out as a dealer. Fortunately Charlie meets street-wise Willie-Boy who gets him into a homeless hostel for the night.

Next day, Charlie re-meets Gina who wants to take him to Loch Lomond, but Gina and Lucy get arrested by the corrupt Cops for soliciting. Charlie convinces the duty sergeant to release them. Facing another night sleeping out, Gina takes Charlie back to her 'skipper'. That night, Charlie, Gina and some of their homeless friends are maliciously burnt out of their 'skipper' by Paterson . . .


Type of film
Running Time
91 mins
35mm Fuji
Robbie Moffat
Mairi Fraser Sutherland
Executive Producer
Mairi Fraser Sutherland
Fiona Macdonald
Director of Photography
David Byrne
Paul Colvin
Brian Young
Principal Cast
Hazel Ann Crawford, Paul Cunningham, Niall Sutherland, Adele Brown
Screen Writer
Robbie Moffat


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Palm Tree Productions
Contact: Mairi Fraser Sutherland
29 College Street
Glasgow G1 1QH
Tel: 0141 552 6646
Fax: 0141 632 7636


IQ Entertainment Inc
Contact: John Rudsett
3905 Via Dolce
Marina Del Rey
CA 90292
Tel: 001 310 821 6780
Fax: 001 310 821 5162