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After a tragic accident John begins an obsessive crusade to bring his comatose sister back to the waking world. In his sleep he walks the afterlife where she is trapped and soon John finds himself playing a game for her soul, a game that can’t be won, against the only opponent who can never be beaten, Death. His flat mate Kate struggles to deal with his increasingly irrational behaviour, as he spirals deeper into this dark world, convinced that he can rescue Lorna.
In the afterlife star-crossed lovers, Lorna and Dave search for one another to find the happiness they once knew in life. But with all odds against them the lovers realise that nothing is what it seems and that they are running out of time.

At the heart of this dark, parallel world Death taunts and seduces them with their deepest desires. With everything to play for, John will stop at nothing, even when he finds himself back at the site of the accident once more. 


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
4K Digital
Becky Preston 1st Feature
Neil Harbury
Libi Bowles, Becky Preston
Becky Preston
Director of Photography
Adam Etherington
Production Designer
Rhiannon Preece-Towey, Victoria Smith
Dominique Devoucoux, Vanesa Lorena Tate
Principal Cast
Phillip James, Orlando Seale, Olivia Chappell, Sophie Lovell Anderson

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Last updated 4th December 2009

Production Company

Tread Softly Productions
PO Box 63708
London SW3 9AF