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Lovesick: Sick Love

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Lovesick, the new film from Wolfgang Büld, is a tale of passion, betrayal and deceit. Who can you turn to when you can’t even trust yourself?
Michael O’ Ryan and his mother run a hotel in Margate. The locals see him as a bit of an oddball, but still a respected member of the community. His mother is an overbearing, domineering woman who sees nothing but failure in her son. At the hotel, O’Ryan employs a beautiful young housemaid. Julia is on probation and trying to make ends meet while paying for her boyfriend’s nasty habits. Istvan is a Slavic musician/waster, happily attaching himself to Julia. O’ Ryan loves Julia. Julia loves Istvan. Istvan loves Julia. Julia falls in love with O’ Ryan. Julia falls out of love and hates O’ Ryan. O’ Ryan hates Istvan. Istvan hates O’ Ryan. O’ Ryan hates his mother. His mother hates everyone! Murdering old women? Yes. Doping young women? Yes. Stupid, obnoxious tourists? Yes. Running over dogs? No. Killing arrogant musicians? Yes. Blackmailing, double-crossing manipulation? Yes. Plans backfiring? Yes. Skeletons in the closet? Hell yes! Who can you turn to when you can’t even trust yourself?


Type of film
Running Time
93 mins
Wolfgang Büld
Wolfgang Büld
Wolfgang Büld
Tom Dokoupil
Wolfgang Büld
Director of Photography
Uwe Bohrer
Ben Biles
Century Media Records
Principal Cast
Paul Conway, Fiona Horsey, William Rowsey, Jesica Barnes, Sarah Gobran

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Last updated 7th September 2006

Production Company

Dark Black Films
Lilienstrasse 32
D-20095 Hamburg, Germany

Purple Orange Film Company
First Floor, 25 Holland Road
Hove BN3 1JF