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Mission London

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When VARADIN, the Bulgarian ambassador, arrives at his new posting in London, a few days earlier than expected, he finds the embassy in disarray and no preparations in place to celebrate Bulgaria's accession into the EU. Under pressure from Madame SELIANOVA, the President's wife, a patron of the event, Varadin's political standing rests on him ensuring the Queen attends the concert.

With the event fast approaching, Varadin, desperate to secure the Queen, seeks help from PR firm 'Famous Connections', unaware that they provide celebrity look-alikes for the fulfilment of their clients' sexual fantasies. He discovers the truth only a day before the concert and Madame Selianova is already on her way to London.

Unknown to Varadin, the embassy cook, BANICHAROV is helping an ex-Soviet criminal and unsuccessful Bulgarian actor store a dozen stolen ducks in the embassy freezers, but unknowing to them the ducks are GPS chipped and Scotland Yard are hot on their tracks.

To complicate matters, Varadin fancies the gorgeous KATIA - the embassy cleaner by day and stripper by night, and she’s been offered a job at 'Famous Connections' as a Princess of Wales look-alike; Varadin has no clue as to Katya's work beyond the embassy walls.


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
35 mm
Dimitar Mitovski
Michael L Cowan, Sean O' Kelly, Jason Piette, David Rogers
László Kántor, Simon Markham, Antov Ognen, Bob Portal, Fredrik Zander
Marko Glusac
Alek Popov, Dimitar Mitovski, Delyana Maneva
Principal Cast
Julian Vergov, Lubomir Neykov, Alan Ford, Tomas Arana


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Last updated 9th June 2010

Production Company

SIA Advertising
Sofia, Bulgaria
48 Shipka Str
Sofia 1504

T +35 994 45322

Dream Factory Macedonia
Fidelity Films

Új Budapest Filmstudió


Stealth Media Group