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Next Time Ned

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Sean Walker / Sirius-le-Wicked


For almost thirty years Ned Randall has been trying to make it as an actor. Now in his forties his biggest claim to fame is playing a corpse in Taggart. Always believing that his big break is just around the corner he is affectionately referred to as Next Time Ned by his friends, family and the local community. However 'lady luck' may be on Ned's side as a documentary crew have decided to spend a week in his life in order to discover what drives his pursuit of a career in an industry that's doors seem forever closed to him.

Over the course of the week we follow Ned to several amusing but disastrous auditions, witness his first attempt at stand up comedy, follow his attempt to find a theatre willing to produce his one man show of Reservoir Dogs: The Musical. We also join him as he attempts to reconcile his relationship with his son and deal with his ill mother. Often hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking but always entertaining Next Time Ned is a story about a man refusing to give up on his dream.


Type of film
Thomas McCue
Thomas McCue, Raymond Mearns
Thomas McCue
Director of Photography
Sean Walker
Production Designer
Rachael Ivancic
David McKeitch
Woodenbox, Raymond Mearns
Principal Cast
Raymond Mearns, Scott Campbell, Adrianne Boyd, Ian Barrie, Lynn Mulvenna, Sean Boyle, Michael McGill, Vivien Taylor, Iain Robertson, Paulinus Ibe, Laura Pearson, Kevin McIntyre


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Last updated 30th December 2009