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Night Kaleidoscope

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“Dreamlike, elusory, impressionistic. The film is not so much a drama as a sensory experience.” HollywoodInvestegator
“Night Kaleidoscope is without debate one of the most stunning films in Horror cinema. The way this production conveys horror defies artistry and validates this opinion.” Decay Mag
“In a glitched-out dreamlike urban backdrop, an investigator deals with killers that he thinks are not human. An ingenious film, it sets a default of reality-shifting fantasy–which, instead of diminishing, only heightens the intensity of up-close fleshy vampiric rituals.” Sam Vanivray, Amazon US
“There’s fab cinematography and a nice soundtrack. With there being more scene flashing and slow motion than dialogue, Night Kaleidoscope seems to focus on becoming a type of visual art than story share.” Hellnotes
“an authentically surreal, dream-like experience… that is disorienting and nightmarish in the best possible way.” SickFlix
“Night Kaleidoscope is a bizarre, psychedelic, artistic take on vampires” HorrorGeekLife
“There is a really unique and artistic feel to the film that is definitely accentuated by this. Some fantastic lighting and an extremely good synth soundtrack from Alec Cheer helps paint a really atmospheric picture” Midnight Horror Show


Type of film
Running Time
82 mins
Grant McPhee
Grant McPhee
Ben McKinstrie
Megan Gretchin
Director of Photography
Grant McPhee
Production Designer
Eve Murray
Douglas Fairgrieve, Paul Hartmann
Alec Cheer
Principal Cast
Patrick O'Brien, Jason Harvey, Mariel McAllan

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Last updated 19th October 2017

Production Company

A Digital Onset, Tartan Features production

Grant McPhee