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Nine Miles Down


In the remotest reaches of the Sahara Desert, a sandstorm batters a deserted drilling station. Three days earlier, radio contact was lost, so security patrolman Jack is enlisted to investigate. The station, originally built for gas exploration then abandoned, has recently been revived by an international scientific research team on a discovery mission, which involves drilling deeper into the earth’s crust than has ever been attempted before.

Jack finds abundant food and resources in the complex but, oddly, not a living soul. Stranded by the sandstorm, he is forced to stay the night. The next morning, Jack encounters a breathtakingly beautiful American geologist, JC, who claims to be the last remaining member of the research team. She tells how they had successfully breached the roof of a vast cavern at the unprecedented depth of nine miles. Following the discovery, a series of mysterious sightings and hallucinations were experienced by the increasingly fearful drilling crew. Violence broke out, and the team fled the site, abandoning her with two scientists’ corpses, which she keeps stored in a freezer. Although her explanation seems logical, Jack suspects she’s hiding something more sinister. To him, all the evidence points more towards a supernatural phenomenon. JC warns him against choosing superstition over rationality, citing it as the cause for her team’s escalating paranoias in the first place.


Type of film
Anthony Waller
Thomas Hedman, Anthony Waller
Jamie Trevill
Anthony Waller
Director of Photography
Roger Simonsz
Production Designer
Csaba Stork
Principal Cast
Adrian Paul, Kate Nauta

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Last updated 16th December 2008

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Gone To Hell Ltd
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Seven Arts International
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London W1J 7SG

T: +44 (0)2030 068 222
F: +44 (0)2030 068 220