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No Place on Earth

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No Place on Earth brings to light an extra-ordinary true tale of survival that remained untold for decades. In 1993, Chris Nicola, an American cave enthusiast, was exploring the Ukraine's "gypsum giants," some of the longest horizontal caves in the world. Within this labyrinth, he came across signs of former human habitation: buttons, an old house key, a woman's dress shoe. Locals told him that during World War II, there were rumours of Jewish families hiding from the Nazis in the caves. No one knew what happened to them; over ninety-five per cent of the Jews in this region of Ukraine perished in the Holocaust. It took Nicola nine years to uncover the secret that the cave survivors had kept to themselves after emigrating to Canada and the United States. Now, they were ready to tell their story (TIFF 2012).


Type of film
Running Time
81 mins
Janet Tobias
Janet Tobias, Rafael Marmor, Paul Laikin, Nadav Schirman, Susan Barnett
Executive Producer
J. Flint Davis, David McKillop, Timm Oberwelland, Katja Zink, Jeff Field, Susan Werbe, Molly Thompson
Claus Wehlisch, Alexander Berner, Deirdre Slevin
Paul Laikin, Janet Tobias
Director of Photography
Sean Kirby, Edu Grau, Peter Simonite, César Charlone
John Piscitello
Principal Cast
Saul Stermer, Sam Stermer, Sonia Dodyk, Sima Dodyk, Chris Nicola


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