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Nobody Girl

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Ales is a lonely thirty-something misfit who spends her days drinking, signing on at the job centre and watching TV. This routine is interrupted when she witnesses a student called Jenny being attacked by a gang of youths. The scene stirs up painful childhood memories of her abusive father and Alex chooses not to intervene. When she discovers that Jenny has been left in a coma as a result of the attack, Alex is plagued by guilt. Drinking heavily and growing increasingly angry that youths have not been caught, Alex decides that she will try to find them herself. Her initial attempts to find the gang do not go well, but upon hearing that Jenny is set to make a full recovery, she doubles her efforts. Writing everything down in her diary, she embarks on a rigorous training regime, fashions her own homemade body armour and turns herself into the masked vigilante, ‘Nobody Girl’.


Type of film
Digital 4K
David Shillitoe
Rhodri Davies, David Shillitoe, Ian Abraham, Emmet Cummins
Executive Producer
Antony Smith
Rhys Warlow, Matthew Jenkins
David Shillitie
Director of Photography
Charles Donnely
Production Designer
Mathew Thomas
Clef Audio, Shaun Mosely
Principal Cast
Kezia Burrows, Rhian Blundell, Michael Redmond & Ceri Phillips
Film Image
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Last updated 11th July 2018

Production Company

Red Notebook Ltd
Rhodri Davies
Sandfields Business Centre
Port Talbot


Tornado International Studios
Antony Smith
Lon las Business Park
Swansea Bay
SA10 6SN
+44 (0)1792 817989