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Mkrtich Malkhasyan


Nora is based on true stories of the dancer Nora Chipaumire, who was born in Zimbabwe in 1965. In the film, Nora returns to the landscape of her childhood and takes a journey through some vivid memories of her youth. Using performance and dance, she brings her history to life in a swiftly-moving poem of sound and image. The result is a film about family dramas, difficult love affairs and militant politics, which moves back and forth between the comic and the tragic, the joyful and the mournful. It is a film about a girl who is constantly embattled - struggling against all kinds of intimidation and violence - but who slowly gathers strength, pride and independence.

Shot entirely on location in Southern Africa, Nora includes a multitude of local performers and dancers of all ages, from young schoolchildren to ancient grandmothers, and much of the music is specially composed by a legend of Zimbabwean music - Thomas Mapfumo.


Type of film
Running Time
35 mins
HD (1080-59.96i)
Alla Kovgan, David Hinton
Alla Kovgan
Alla Kovgan, David Hinton, Nora Chipaumire
Director of Photography
Mkrtich Malkhasyan
Thomas Mapfumo
Principal Cast
Nora Chipaumire, Souleymane Badolo

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Last updated 1st October 2009

Production Company

Movement Revolution Productions
88 Winslow Ave, #2
Somerville, MA 02144