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Not We From Kings


In 1327, Sir Roger Mortimer leads a rebellion against Edward II and loses everything: his land, his titles, his family and his freedom. A lesser man would have surrendered to his fate, but not Mortimer. Making a daring escape from the Tower of London, he goes into exile and plots revenge.

England continues to suffer under her twin rulers' Edward and his chief counsellor and Mortimer's sworn enemy, Hugh Despenser.

When Mortimer arrives at the head of an invading army, and with the king's estranged wife, Isabella, at his side, it's immediately clear whose cause the people of England will support. Edward is captured and offered a stark choice: renounce the throne, or face his own son across a battlefield.

England crowns its new king - the 14-year-old Prince of Wales, but his inexperience shows when he mounts a campaign against the Scots that ends in humiliating defeat. He resents Mortimer's continuing affair with his mother and his unwillingness to hand over control of the country to its rightful ruler.

Mortimer's wealth and power are restored, but rumours of Edward II's 'unnatural' death begin to circulate. How long before the man who would be king is brought down?


Type of film
Kathryn Radmall
Kathryn Radmall
Director of Photography
Tobias Dodt
Principal Cast
Deborah Wastell, Wayne David


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Last updated 25th October 2010

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