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Leon, a nineteen year old boy with an alcoholic mother has grown up in and out of care. Finally free from adult supervision, Leon begins to rail against the injustice of his reality as his dreams become more and more unattainable and distant. Oppressed at home and hunted on the streets by local gangs, Leon’s existence is suffocating, and all too real. When he meets Twiggy, a beautiful blonde girl living in a local squat something stirs inside of him. As she introduces him to her world, the weight of his past lifts. He is in love for the first time and for a moment escapes the reality of his unrelenting existence. But naïve to the afluent world supporting Twiggy’s hedonistic lifestyle, Leon is unprepared when Twiggy no longer wants him around. Leon withdraws, allowing his raw and unhampered emotions to take over in the blind fight against his unjust existence with terrifying and brutal consequences.
Raw and uncompromising, this film draws inspiration from films such as 'Catch Me Daddy', 'Fish Tank', 'This is England' and 'KIDS'.
Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival 2018 - International Narrative Competition - World premiere


Type of film
Running Time
110 mins
Jamie Jones 1st Feature
Emily Jones, Ross Williams
Executive Producer
John Giwa-Amu, Ben Jacques, Emily Jones, Mark Lane, Maggie Norris
Emma Gaffney, Agnieszka Liggett
Jamie Jones
Director of Photography
Albert Salas
Production Designer
Lotty Sanna
Lol Hammond
Principal Cast
Sophie Kennedy Clark, Marcus Rutherford, T'Nia Miller, Sam Gittens, Jay Walker


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Last updated 7th March 2018

Production Company

A Beyond Fiction, Harvest Pictures production

Beyond Fiction
Emily Jones