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Once Upon A Time Proletarian

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A revealing portrait of contemporary China in the post Marxist era which explores the facets of Chinese socio-political life, by putting it in the context of globalisation and individualisation.

Personal stories unfold in an unexpected straightforwardness and with a striking sense of humour: an old peasant who has lost his land, a millionaire chatting with his mate in a stock exchange office, a young migrant who came to the city to wash cars, a weapon factory worker who wishes Mao was still alive, a successful hotel owner who praises the government’s liberal economy policies, and young kids whose dream is to become a famous western artist - all addressing contemporary issues that trespass borders and blur the socio-political lines into a globalised world of shared values and collective problems.


Type of film
Running Time
Xiaolu Guo
Xiaolu Guo, Pamela Casey
Xiaolu Guo
Director of Photography
Xiaolu Guo


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Last updated 4th December 2009

Production Company

Pamela Casey
Chapter Two Films