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One Man in the Band

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Adam Clitheroe


One-man band conjures up images of tuneless street entertainers with drums on their backs and cymbals on their knees, whereas contemporary one-man bands are diverse and vibrant in their musical output. They are more than just solo performers: a one-man band brings to the stage noise and spectacle worthy of a whole band. However, unmediated by creative collaboration, the result can have a peculiar intensity verging on the downright eccentric.

This feature documentary follows a selection of contemporary one-man and one-lady bands from Europe and the USA. Their musical output often defies categorisation, ranging from theremin rock to hurricane drum solos and a backing band made of bicycle wheels. Rather than mocking the musical excesses on display, the documentary takes an intimate approach - helped by the fact that it's a film about one-man bands made by a one-man band filmmaker. As it becomes clear that life on the road for a one-man band is a journey into solitude, so the documentary asks the question: what drives us as humans to create, and is it worth the pain.


Type of film
Running Time
83 mins
Adam Clitheroe 1st Feature
Adam Clitheroe
Adam Clitheroe
Director of Photography
Adam Clitheroe
Adam Clitheroe
Performed by the cast
Principal Cast
Dennis Hopper Choppers, Duracell, Honkeyfinger, Man From Uranus, Ninki V, Thomas Truax, The Two Tears

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Last updated 27th November 2008